Webinar: Climate resiliency for your business

WRI hosted the inaugural webinar targeting environmental and business issues for Land Restoration entrepreneurs. Dr. Moushumi Chaudhury presented practical best practices that companies everywhere can use to ensure they are prepared to face climate change and extreme weather events that are striking our planet more and more as time goes on. You may watch the recording of the webinar below to access the key tips and findings.

With the rise of extreme weather events such as drought, floods, storms and sea level rise, understanding climate risks is critical for entrepreneurs to understand and incorporate into their business practice. It was with this context that WRI organized the webinar for land restoration entrepreneurs.

Being climate resilient involves incorporating climate risks to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to hazardous events, trends, or disturbances related to climate. Dr. Choudhury discussed what are the common climate risks to watch for, and how they can affect businesses; steps businesses can take to develop a business strategy that addresses climate risks examples of adaptation options that can help businesses become climate resilient; and resources to help you along the way.

The official webinar recording that includes live transcript, and the PowerPoint slides are at the link below:

And here are the links to the resources mentioned during the webinar

Here’s to having more climate resilient businesses around the globe!