Mentor Program

The Land Accelerator is always seeking amazing folks to join our network of mentors. You can be located anywhere in the world, as most of our mentorship occurs virtually.

However, we also invite members of our mentor network who are located in Delhi, Mexico City, or Nairobi, to join us at our Land Accelerator in-person workshops once COVID-19 becomes under control. Mentorship opportunities with the Land Accelerator are pro-bono opportunities to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Responsibilities of a mentor

Impact of Mentorship

As a mentor, you will form an integral part in supporting land restoration entrepreneurs. You will be involved with:

  • Vetting and providing input on which entrepreneurs will be invited to join the Land Accelerator program
  • Identifying weaknesses and strengths in the business plan
  • Guiding entrepreneurs as they seek investments
  • Sharing resources (links, knowledge, contacts) with entrepreneurs

Time Commitments

  • Join us for 1-3 90-minute screening calls two months before the Land Accelerator.
  • Participate in 2-5 90-minute mentorship calls to be held within the 2 months before and after the Land Accelerator. You select which entrepreneurs you will support.
  • If in the area, come to the Land Accelerator.
  • Invite 1-3 other people to join as a mentor.

Structure of the Mentorship Program

Most of the mentorship will be done virtually. All mentors are required to join on at least one screening call, and at least two mentorship calls. The procedures for the two mediums of mentorship are described below:

Screening Call Structure

  • From all applicants to the Land Accelerator, WRI Staff will select around 30 entrepreneurs as semi-finalists that we will invite to a screening call.
  • Over a three-week period WRI will organize ten 90-minute screening calls, interviewing three entrepreneurs on each call. Each mentor is required to participate in one call, but is welcome to attend as many as they like.
  • The agenda for interviewing each entrepreneur is: 10 mins intro and pitch; 10 mins pitch Q&A and feedback for the entrepreneur; 5 mins entrepreneur ask WRI staff questions about the Land Accelerator.
  • The goal is to aggregate input to help organizers decide which entrepreneurs will be invited to participate in the Land Accelerator.

Mentorship Call Structure

  • WRI will organize one mentorship call for each entrepreneur
  • This is a 90-minute call where 3-5 mentors join in to give feedback and ask questions about the business
  • Mentors can select which entrepreneur they’d like to advise (2-5 are suggested)
  • The entrepreneur will prepare a slide deck or business plan for mentors to review ahead of time
  • Mentors will jump on the call prepared to give feedback and ask questions
  • Mentors will fill out a form afterwards which will deliver written feedback to the entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs are encouraged to reach out as needed to mentors
  • Mentors are encouraged to respond to the entrepreneurs

Selection of main mentors

After the mentorship calls, the enterepreneurs will be encouraged to provide input as to which entrepreneur they’d like to invite to be their main mentor. WRI will send the invitations to the mentors, which a mentor may accept or decline. If accepted, then the mentorship match has been made. The responsibilities involved with becoming a Main Mentor of a Land Accelerator Company are:

  • On the first main mentor meeting, go over the goals and milestone plan the entrepreneur will present to you. The goals is to revise and improve the milestone plan. This will form a roadmap for the following four months of interaction between you and the company.
  • Jump on at least one check-in call each month for a total of four months.
  • Be open to ad hoc requests from the entrepreneur for advice and guidance.

For even more details about how you can become a mentor to a land restoration entrepreneur, please download our informative slide deck below. You can also watch our five-minute introductory video we recording for our current group of mentors.