Mentor Program

The Land Accelerator is always seeking amazing folks to join our network of mentors. You can be located anywhere in the world, as most of our mentorship occurs virtually.

However, we also invite members of our mentor network who are located in Delhi, Mexico City, or Nairobi, to join us at our Land Accelerator in-person workshops once COVID-19 becomes under control. Mentorship opportunities with the Land Accelerator are pro-bono opportunities to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Responsibilities of a mentor

Impact of Mentorship

As a mentor, you will form an integral part in supporting land restoration entrepreneurs. You will be involved with:

  • Vetting and providing input on which entrepreneurs will be invited to join the Land Accelerator program
  • Identifying weaknesses and strengths in the business plan
  • Guiding entrepreneurs as they seek investments
  • Sharing resources (links, knowledge, contacts) with entrepreneurs

Mentor Commitments

  • Participate in two-five 90-minute mentorship calls. You select which entrepreneurs you will support.
  • If in the area, you are invited to attend specific sessions of the Land Accelerator.
  • Optionally, you can identify your ability or interest to lead a webinar or serve on a panel on specific topics.
  • Invite 1-3 other people to join as a mentor.

Mentorship Call Structure

  • WRI will organize one mentorship call for each entrepreneur
  • This is a 90-minute call where 3-5 mentors join in to give feedback and ask questions about the business
  • Mentors can select which entrepreneur they’d like to advise (Joining 2-5 calls would be suggested)
  • The entrepreneur will prepare a slide deck or business plan for mentors to review ahead of time
  • Mentors will jump on the call prepared to give feedback and ask questions
  • Mentors will fill out a form afterwards which will deliver written feedback to the entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs are encouraged to reach out as needed to mentors
  • Mentors are encouraged to respond to the entrepreneurs

Pitch Coaching Sessions

After the mentorship calls, the entrepreneurs will be encouraged to consider updating their pitches, and perhaps try new ideas they have heard. The responsibilities involved with becoming a pitch coach are:

  • Play the role of an investors. Ask questions to understand better
  • Share the strengths of the pitch as well as the opportunities to improve the presentation.
  • Provide a few bullet points to the entrepreneurs after the pitch call, so they can remember the improvements to make

For even more details about how you can become a mentor to a land restoration entrepreneur, please download our informative slide deck below.


How long will it take to apply?

About 5-10 minutes.

How will my information be used?

The organizers of the Land Accelerator will keep a confidential catalogue of your contact information, and if you indicate interest, we will periodically invite you to sign up for mentorship sessions that fit your interest and schedule. These messages would come directly from WRI staff members.

Who are the Land Accelerator entrepreneurs?

Each year WRI puts out a recruitment campaign in regions around the world and seeks companies whose business models incorporate an aspect of land restoration. As of June 2021 we have received over 3,600 applications globally. We will have trained over 220 companies by the close of 2021. From these companies, we will identify the most investor-ready companies and share their profiles with investors who participate in this survey.

Is this a pro-bono opportunity?

The Land Accelerator community is very lucky to find other community and business leaders who are willing to donate their time and experience to the upcoming wave of entrepreneurs whose business models protect the environment and support economic prosperity for rural populations. At this time serving on the mentor network is a pro-bono endeavor.

I have a few more questions, who may I reach out to?

You may email