The 14 companies below completed the 2019 Africa Land Accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya.

Expressions Global Group (Kenya) offers affordable piped water for irrigation to smallholder farmers, making them more productive and climate-resilient.
Shoots & Roots (South Africa) is a commercial nursery that has grown over 200,000 trees over the past year.

Kencoco (Kenya) makes charcoal briquettes from discarded coconut husks in coastal Kenya, providing a sustainable alternative to fuelwood.

E3D (Niger) grows neem trees to make natural pesticides, insect-repelling soaps, disinfectants, and related products.
KOFAR Ltd (Kenya) sells organic fertilizers that reverse the damage done by chemicals and improve soil health.
Tree Resource Enterprises (Uganda) supplies tree seeds and seedlings to clients interested in agroforestry and large-scale restoration.
Shekina (Rwanda) dries edible cassava leaves to produce a new, shelf-stable, nutritious source of food.
Agromyx (Ghana) manufactures freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and grains to stem post-harvest losses and create instant food products.
Rejuvenate! Umhlaba (Zimbabwe) is working to establish a thriving stock exchange for land restoration offsets in Africa.
Apinec (Ethiopia) produces honey and beeswax for export to Europe and has trained over 2,000 farmers in beekeeping methods.
Addax (Niger) grows and processes gum arabic to make high-value resin and livestock feed, while adding trees to an arid landscape.
E-moto Limited (Kenya) turns sugarcane waste into biofuel for cooking. This reduces pressure on forests and lowers indoor air pollution.
Tilaa Ltd (Ghana) produces honey and cashews by working with local farmers through an integrated plantation.
EcoH Holdings (Kenya) converts organic waste into pelleted fertilizer to enhance soil health and increase food production.

The 12 companies below graduated from the 2018 Africa Land Accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya. Pour voir les vidéos en français, cliquez ici.

SA Bamboo Works manufactures sustainable bamboo in Ethiopia since 2012, producing flooring and ceiling tiles, laminated furniture, and other bamboo stick based products.

Safi Organics uses technology to decentralize and downsize fertilizer production, making it possible for rural Kenyan villages to use their own locally available resources, labor, and waste. 

Chabana Farms produces animal feed in Botswana, a country that exports beef but imports nearly all its animal feed. 

Akili provides mentoring, tools, funding and assistance to farmers in rural Kenya, with a goal of serving 800,000 farmers in the next three years. 

Asili Natural Oils produces natural cosmetic ingredients for customers around the world, using plants grown by over 2,000 Rwandan smallholder farmers. 

Eden Field Agri-Seed Enterprise supplies seeds for edible grasses and legumes, shrubs, and trees, specific to each bio-region in Ethiopia. 

Green Pot Enterprises is Kenya’s first fully integrated bamboo company, with operations ranging from large-scale nurseries to establishment of a distributed network of bamboo plantations. 

Kete-Krachi Farms grows and processes cashew nuts on its 500 hectares, and also sources cashews from other farmers in Ghana. 

Lentera manufactures a range of organic and mineral fertilizers in Kenya that increase yield, enhance drought tolerance and restore depleted soils and farm lands. 

Moringa Miracles produces moringa leaf powder, seed and seed oil in Malawi for sale on the international wholesale market. 

Norelga Macadamia Rwanda introduced the macadamia nut as a crop to Rwanda in 2010, serving both domestic and global markets. 

Aoulaye Sesame specializes in the production and marketing of white sesame in Niger, growing on 100 hectares that were restored and working on the next 150 hectares of reclamation.