COVID-19 updated timeline plan

Update May 28 – Plan A is now to hold an in-person accelerator Dec 6-12, 2020 with plenty of virtual interaction leading up to the in-person meeting. If COVID-19 still prohibits safe travel and interaction, we will invite 2020 cohort members to the Land Accelerator event planned for mid 2021. We will announce the cohort members by June 8, 2020.

Update May 5 – We have nixed the August date, and now include a date of October 11-16, 2020 as Plan A, with Dec 6-12, 2020 as Plan B. With plenty of virtual interaction leading up to the in-person meetings.

In a letter we recently sent to all applicants to the Land Accelerator, we described the Land Accelerator team’s plan in response to COVID. The letter is below.

The first thing we did, was decide to keep applications open on a rolling basis until April 30. This is to give those who might have been dealing with logistics an opportunity to apply. However, the sooner one submits the better, as the team is already beginning to analyze applications.

To respect our March 31 deadline, we have begun to analyze and rank all applications that have been submitted on or before March 31. Over the next three weeks we will begin reaching out to many applicants about scheduling an interview with the Land Accelerator selection committee. We will then confirm the Land Accelerator cohort for South Asia by June 1.

We have created two new potential dates for the Land Accelerator due to the Coronavirus. Please mark your calendars for August 2-8 and December 6-12.

Details on the date strategy: Due to the Coronavirus, we have postponed the Accelerator dates from the originally planned date of early-June to instead be held on August 2-8.  We will be monitoring the situation and around June 15, we will decide whether it will be possible to host the accelerator in August. If the situation is still unsure for August, then we will use our backup dates of December 6-12.

For those of you who may not receive an invitation to be interviewed, we will send a confirmation email by May 15. Until then, wish us luck as we delve into your amazing businesses. We will stay in touch.