2018 Alumni Spotlight: Kalahari Honey

This article was originally posted on Fledge here.

In Botswana, elephants often trample farmland, angering local communities. One 2018 Land Accelerator alumna, Mavis Nduchwa of Kalahari Honey, realized that bees make great fences to keep the wild elephants off of farmland. And the honey that they produce can provide rural communities with a sustainable source of income.

Kalahari Honey trains farmers in beekeeping, then collects, bottles, and packages that honey for sale in pharmacies and markets in Botswana, Lesotho, and Namibia. Mavis was invited to Fledge14 in Seattle, where she presented to investors and entrepreneurs. She also recently received a Bostwana Pride Award for her contributions to her country. Learn more below!